The Advantages Of A Wireless Smart Home System

It’s no secret that we live in a hi-tech age. In fact, we have achieved so much technological advancements that we can virtually get everything that we want with a touch of a button. This is a big plus since most of are living fast-paced lives…

With so many modern innovations coming out, the move to mechanize an average home is already within reach. Smart homes are no longer a stuff of fiction because the more you are reading this entry, the more people are also integrating smart automation systems into their homes.

Are you ready to make that change? What are the benefits of having a smart home? Stick around as we tackle the advantages of a wireless smart home system.

Advantage 1: Securing Our Homes By Means Of Automated Door Locks

Lock/Unlock Your Doors Just By Swiping Your Phone...

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This is one of the best advantages you can get once you convert your house into a smart home. With this feature, you can now say goodbye to those times when you keep on thinking if you were able to look the doors after leaving your house through the wireless smart home system. And just by swiping your iPhone or tablets, you can easily lock/unlock the doors anytime you want.

Having this feature will not only prevent you from stressing out on this matter, but it will also allow you to take control of who comes in and out of your residence even if you are working at the office.

Advantage 2: Conveniently Monitor Appliance Usage

Take Control Of Your Appliances Even If You're Away From Home...

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How many times have you failed to remember putting off the lights before your leave the room? Or perhaps forgetting to switch off the oven after cooking your breakfast meal..? If you are guilty of experiencing these things, then having a smart home automation system will truly be a welcome addition to improve your home living.

Having this system in your residence will give you the freedom to control the appliances and check on them from time to time, flipping up devices which are needed to be turned on and then switching off to save on electricity after use. Now that’s what you call “optimal efficiency”!

Advantage 3: Boost Overall Awareness To A Hundredfold

It’s good to be there at home at all times and keep track of what’s going on. But in reality, we simply can’t do that because there are other things we need to attend to. That’s why we end up worrying as we simply don’t know what to expect the moment we get home…

Get Real-Time Updates 24/7 Of What's Going On In Your House...

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With a wireless smart home system, you can now monitor your house no matter where you are. All you need is your mobile device and you’ll be able to get real time updates (or recording clips) of what’s happening in your living room, bedroom, and even your front yard.

Aside from that, this same system will also update you if movements are detected during night time (now this is very useful to know if intruders are going to barge into your property or if one of your kids will try sneak in while coming home late at night).​

Advantage 4: A Wireless Smart Home System Provides Peace Of Mind

Have Peace Of Mind Because You Know Your Home Is In Good Hands...

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Would you allow yourself to get paranoid while doing work? While this may not apply to some, but most people have made the habit of worrying too much if everything is in place after leaving the house… A wireless smart home system will prove to be a worthy investment if this is the case.

Having a wireless automated system is a big plus in the sense that you are relieved from constantly worrying on things that you're not supposed to be bothered of in the first place. And with all the different anxieties we encounter in our day to day lives, wouldn’t be nice to cross out at least one of those stressors off your list?

Advantage 5: Voice Recognition Feature

Who Says You Can't Be As Cool As Tony Stark?

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Now this stuff is the kind you see in ‘Iron Man’ movies. Who’s not familiar with J.A.R.V.I.S? Wouldn’t be nice to take full control of your household through voice interaction? Fortunately for us, this technology is already possible in the real world…

A voice-activated wireless smart home system is extremely helpful especially if there are elders or differently-abled members in your family as it will give them access to different areas and devices in a convenient way.

Take for instance this amazing product from Crestron. The TSR-302 comes with a built-in voice control that lets you switch on/off household devices, dim the lights, change the TV channel, choose a song to play, and more. It even allows you to lock the doors and activate the security system at your command!

Now who says you can’t be as cool as Tony Stark?

(Stay tuned as we are going to reveal more advantages of a wireless home system in our next article…)