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The Impact Of Commercial Automation In Increasing Energy Efficiency

Fact: Our world’s primary sources of energy are fossil fuel and carbon deposits. We rely so much on these resources that the overall supply will be severely depleted to the point of inadequate sustainability for at least in the foreseeable future… Therefore, we should do our part in conserving energy (that is, electrical energy) in the best way that we can…

Thankfully enough, most of the companies are now converting into smart automation due to its known benefits on energy optimization. But come to think of it, how does it really work? How can smart buildings affect the energy consumption in a positive way as your business is switching towards automation? If you are interested to know more about this as your business in moving forward to the idea of office automation, then we advise you to keep on reading as we are going to tackle the impact of commercial automation in increasing energy efficiency.

The Impact Of Commercial Automation In Increasing Energy Efficiency

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Gear Towards Technological Change To Save More…

According to a study that is being commissioned by ACEE, any company or establishment that has switched into commercial automation can have a potential to save not just millions but actually billions of dollars (depending on the type of business you have) as the energy efficiency is also increased up to 4% after integration. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone since you are actually doing your part to save energy and in doing so you are rewarded financially at the same time.

Commercial Automation In Companies Will Result In Productivity And Energy Efficiency...

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No wonder why more and more businesses are already setting up into automation today because the whole concept is geared towards the overall productivity and efficiency of a company… And if the trend of commercial automation goes on, the entire United States can cut off at least 1% of energy use by the year 2030.

Commercial Automation: No Longer A Luxury

Industrialization is geared towards development. And if your business is not well equipped to compete, then surely you’ll be left behind. So if you want to succeed, you have to embrace the integration of easy automation and make use of eco-savvy tools that will also help your company to be energy efficient.

Here are some of the known beneficial effects of commercial automation in enhancing a company’s energy efficiency capability:

1. Smart Lighting

If your building is well lit it is paired with a highly efficient commercial energy system you now have the power to not only turn the lights on and off when needed, but you can also optimize lighting controls to adjust the illumination at varying levels depending on the area or situation that is needed. Aside from that, you can also do a comparative analysis on how you can make use of smart windows to light up the rooms combine effectively with the automated lighting system that you have and prevent wasting energy usage.

Smart Lighting

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2. Smart Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Smart Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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This aspect of the business is also very crucial to create an environment that is conducive to work. A properly integrated HVAC system gives your company the ability to customize the air conditioning settings according to the needs of your employees by means of adjusting the multi-speed fans & demand control ventilation.

Eventually, this practical change will yield 24% to 32% of cost savings depending on the establishment your business is operating.

3. Advanced Energy Management

Your newly installed commercial automation system will also allow you to reduce downtime as well as operation and maintenance cost. How is this possible? By optimizing the use of office equipment and setting up timers. Moreover, this same system is also capable of running diagnostics to detect faults and produce historical data that will help you to enhance further. In turn, this will produce savings of about 13-66% depending on the automated system that you are using.

Advanced Energy Management

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4. Other Components

A commercial automation system with an integrated smart window control will significantly reduce the load of your lights and HVAC system. According to a research conducted by Berkeley Lab, a the simple adjustment of windows to brighten or darken a room can already produce savings 48% to 67% on lighting and 19% to 26% on cooling.

Apart from this, more energy savings can be achieved by using smart ceiling fans to regulate thermostat use, advanced powerstrips to reduce overloading, and a capable dispatch control for TV, refrigerators, dishwashers, as well as elevators. Once these technological trends in commercial automation are included in the commercial automation system, your company will be able to benefit 10% in additional savings.

The Installation Of Smart Windows Will Also Help Your Company To Become More Energy Efficient...

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