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How Office Automation Air Conditioning Can Help Improve Employees’ Wellness

Workplace temperature is often unnoticed. Yet, it is one of the most important aspects to maintain a good working environment. From the movement of air indoors to the noise levels of the air flowing, these things can actually affect an employee’s performance in terms of work productivity and overall health wellness. And this system will function better once it is incorporated through a smart automation system.

So we invite you to read this article as we are going to discuss how office automation air conditioning can help improve employees’ wellness in 6 ways. This entry is especially recommended to businesses and small scale companies who are seeking to learn the indisputable benefits of smart automation for their valued workforce apart from the amazing benefits it can bring for the company itself.

How Office Automation Air Conditioning Can Help Improve Employees’ Wellness

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As far as corporate wellness is concerned, the health & wellness of employees are often determined by the IEQ or Indoor Environmental Quality of the workplace. And this standard is often based on these 4 underlying factors: thermal comfort, quality of air inside the premises, acoustic comfort, and visual comfort.

A Workplace Must Conform With IEQ Standards...

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If you look closely here, 3 out of the 4 factors being mentioned have something to do with temperature. Thus, reiterating the importance of a smart air conditioning system in a workplace…

Ability To Adjust

One of the noticeable advantages of office automation air conditioning is effortless control. Once the AC is included in the smart automation system, anyone in the company including the maintenance employees will be able to change the temperature of the workplace at any given time or situation without any complications. Just a simple swipe at the control panel or the remote device will immediately change the climate at an instance.

Ability To Adjust

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Furthermore, this feature is extremely helpful in preventing unnecessary delays that is usually experienced during office meetings.

Enhanced Air Quality

Office automation air conditioners have the ability to circulate & filter air. Hence, it is very helpful in removing pollutants that often cause allergies as well as molds. This is all the more beneficial for employees who are susceptible to allergens and any other contaminants which might trigger an allergy attack. However, this will also depend if the air filters are regularly cleaned as smart AC’s also require regular maintenance.

No More Toxic Air Because Of Enhanced Air Quality...

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Fewer Bugs & Flying Insects

With The Smart AC Integrated To The Office Automation System You Can Now Say Goodbye To Bugs & Dustmites That Causes Allergy...

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It’s no secret that creepy crawlies thrive in warm (and sometimes, damp) areas. You can check out the damp corners of your house to see what we mean. That’s why it’s all the more reason to install a smart AC and include it in your office automation system as the same air filter can also block these bugs from infecting the workplace and threaten the wellbeing of your allergy-prone employees.

Furthermore, this feature is extremely helpful in preventing unnecessary delays that is usually experienced during office meetings.

Improved Concentration

A simple switch to office automation and installation of smart air conditioning can actually help your employees to work smarter as they are free from any distractions that might hinder them from performing well.

Improved Concentration...

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Moreover, it has been proven that employees working in offices with superb AC systems are sharper at work and are more dedicated to complete their day to day tasks.

Cooler Tempers

If an office room is not properly cooled or ventilated, chances are more tempers will flare up as well. In a 2012 article published by LiveScience, they cited the effects of temperature in our behavior. According to this article, warm days can affect us physically, but it can also influence our tempers as well.

This makes sense since hot temperatures often increase our heart rate and as result leading to high blood pressure which is often associate with aggressive behavior.

Now Your Office Will Have Less Angry Employees...

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In the same way, the brain functions are also affected as the thought process is slowed down by heat. So if you want to prevent your employees from being cranky, then it’s about time that you install a smart AC and wired it up to your office automation system immediately.

A Literal Life Saver

A study conducted by a certain environmental protection agency shows that more than nine thousand of American employees died because of heat related incidents. And these deaths often occur in their workplaces over the past 30 years (1979-2013). Such figure is very alarming considering that the cause has something to do with temperature and not from other lethal factors. And so it’s all the more reason why small and medium enterprises should convert to office automation air conditioning to prevent any fatalities from happening.

Final Word

A Happy And Healthy Worker Will Yield A Better Company...

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Show care for your employees by integrating an office automation system today and let AV Solutions Pro Inc. do it for you. After all, a happy and healthy worker will yield a better company.