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How School Automation Systems Are Changing The Dynamics Of Education

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth…”

John F. Kennedy

We can all agree that education plays a crucial role in our lives. Yet, we also can’t deny the fact that the way students are being molded in the classroom affects the kind of learning they absorbed. Perhaps conventional lecturing may still remain as the most effective way of teaching, but educational institutions should also adhere to the modern changes of time and make use of technological tools to enhance the way information is being disseminated to students.

How School Automation Systems Are Changing The Dynamics Of Education

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This leads us to the topic of applying automation systems in classrooms which is a trending practice in today’s world. This proves to be a beneficial move as schools and universities continue to provide premium education, so is the demand for making moderns changes for the sake of the students and the administrative body.

Is your school considering on making a positive change towards educational modernization? If so, then we recommend you to read this article on how school automation systems are changing the dynamics of education and know the benefits you can get after implementation.

A Modern Classroom Is Our Way To A Better Future…

Automation systems are slowly paving the way to modernize our society. And if home and offices are already putting these changes into action to increase productivity and efficiency, it will definitely do the same for educational institutions. So here are some ways automated systems can benefit your school, pre-school, and/or any other establishments that educates students:

1. Saves Time, Effort, And Money

As previously mentioned in one of our previous articles, integrating school automation systems will allow you to save time and money in extraordinary ways. And if we try to apply this classroom setting, it can also help you to save on these aspects in the sense that automated lighting will actually allow you to conserve as much as 50% of energy (even more), making your monthly bills more easy to pay and at the same time making your school more eco-friendly.

Classrooms Are Not Only Properly-Lit, But You Can Also  You Can Also Conserve As Much As 50% On Energy Consumption...

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2. Effectively Manage All Devices In The Classroom

For the past 2 decades, a conventional classroom is filled with numerous remote controls for different AV equipment, making it an ordeal just to determine which remote control will control the Media player, TV, Projector, Document or Video collaboration camera, Shades, Climate control and etc. But this is now a thing of the past once you implement into automation.

Anyone Will Now Have Easy Access To Operate Different Classroom Devices...

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By automating classrooms with school automation systems, anyone will now have the access to easily operate different hardware devices using only a single interface. Furthermore, this will also help to lessen the training time needed for teaching personnel to get in tune with classroom tools as wireless control panels are mostly designed to be easy to use regardless if users are technically savvy or not.

3. Promotes Interactive And Intuitive Learning

School automation systems is actually a big plus to everybody since you are now allowing both teachers and students to conduct classes more efficiently just by allowing them easy access to classroom access. This may not be evident at first, but you will eventually see the BIG difference just by letting them to set the lights (incorrect lighting does have negative effects to learning according to research), adjusting the temperature, and play videos automatically.

School Automation Systems Actually Promote Interactive And Intuitive Learning...

One important thing to remember though is that teachers might see this change as somewhat imposing. So to keep things in the right context, you have to inform the educating body first that you are also doing this for their own convenience. In short, you are providing a system that they can use to creatively express their way of teaching and NOT to replace them with ‘robots’.

4. Motivates Students To Go To Class

It’s always good to motivate students from attending classes especially if you are not really pushing them to do it. And one surefire way of stimulating their desire to learn is by improving classroom facilities by means of school automation systems.

Information Dissemination Will Be Done More Efficiently With School Automation Systems...

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For starters, it allows the teachers to relay information to their class in real time (saving time for drafting emails and then repeating the information again in class). Second, it inspires the students to be more engaged in lesson as it is being discussed using hi-tech approach (it really works especially for kids of this generation who are always exposed to modern technology). And lastly, this system will also keep everyone safe from possible disasters/incidents as it also updates teachers from any catastrophes (or sets off alarms) happening in real time.

5. Invites Enrollees To Register In Your School

It’s not unusual for parents and their kids to check out the school facilities first before enrolling. After all, they only want to give premium education for their kids. And once you install school automation systems into different classrooms, you are actually giving a positive notion to parents that you have the best and up to date school facilities for their kids use. In turn, this will boost your number of enrollees for next year and increase the yearly income of your school.

School Automation Will Boost Your Number Of Enrollees For Next School Year...

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(This same benefit also applies to colleges and universities who are looking to provide the most advanced automation tools induce administrative efficiency, promote student productivity, and yearning for tangible income annually).