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The Benefits Of Complete Home Automation For The Aged And Disabled

A smart home system is primarily designed to bring utmost convenience to a residence. And with all these impressive features that you can enjoy, it also turns your house into a more accessible place for everybody especially for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Without a doubt, any handicapped person regardless if they are physically impaired or mentally disabled needs special care. And the same can also be said with our grandparents. So it goes without saying that apart from doing recuperating stuff, they should also be confined at a place that is conducive to their condition so they can move around a bit freely and do certain things without feeling restrained.

The Benefits Of Complete Home Automation For The Aged And Disabled

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And so we invite to go on reading as we are going to talk about some of the known benefits of complete home automation for the aged and disabled family members in this entry. Enjoy!

Complete Home Automation Is Also Favorable For People With Special Needs

To some, the idea of complete home automation is integrating different home appliances, alarms, and other common devices into a single system so they can be easily controlled and monitored by the homeowner. But actually, there are more features you can include like stair lifts and easy access shower to make your home accessible to handicapped family members and also the elderly. This process is called assistive domotics and it is geared towards helping the aged and disabled to live comfortably at home.

Assistive Domotics

Aside from that, here are some of the awesome benefits that conventional home automation can bring to seniors as well as persons with disabilities:

Accessibility Through Lighting Controls

The mere mention of ‘home automation’ also implies some changes beneficial in lighting control. In fact, this is often the first feature to be integrated in an automated system. And the best part about this is there are lots of customized lighting solutions without having to spend a fortune.

Once the system is in place, you give your senior or disabled family member the ability to switch on/off the lights effortlessly since they can do this through their smart phones or remote control. Aside from that, they can also control the lighting by means of voice activation if your complete home automation also includes voice recognition feature. Moreover, this can also be achieved through light sensor technology.

This is undeniably a practical solution as your handicapped family member can now avoid the hassle of having to reach for the switch every time they need to turn on the lights…

Accessibility Through Lighting Controls

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Enable Easy Entry And Exit Points Through Automatic Opening Doors

For those who are using wheelchairs and have mobility issues, opening and closing of doors can be a bit of a problem. Yes, it’s possible but they have to go through all the hassle first just to complete a simple task.

By Integrating Automatic Doors With Wireless Control You Will Immediately Negate All The Hassles Your Disabled Loved Ones Have To Go Through...

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By integrating automatic doors with wireless control you will immediately negate all the hassles your disabled loved ones have to go through. Just bear in mind though, this feature should only be controlled by a door app or wall mounted switch. It should not be operated by infrared sensors or which are commonly used in malls and offices as this will somehow compromise the security feature of your house.

Automatic Control Of Curtains, Blinds, And Temperature

Providing special care means you have to ensure that every senior or disabled member of the family will be able to live as comfy as possible. And this form of care will also include easy access to window blinds and temperature at all times.

Automatic Control Of Curtains, Blinds, And Temperature

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Complete home automation can also include drapery controls which are capable of performing different lighting “scenes” to illuminate the room during day time while watching TV. On the other hand, temperature control is a common automation that lets you adjust the room temperature to the right conditions. And these can easily be set by anyone especially the handicapped family members.

Overall Accessibility To Other Facilities

Surely enough, your grandma might want to have a cup of coffee at the kitchen while reading their favorite book at the front porch at some point. Or perhaps your frail blind cousin might want to listen to some tunes while relaxing at the living room. Do they have to call your attention every time they need to do these things? Well not anymore if a complete home automation system is already fixed in your home.

Just By Having This System Will Allow Them To Access These Household Facilities And More With Great Ease...

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Just by having this system will allow them to access these household facilities and more with great ease. The only limitations will depend on the areas and devices you want to integrate.

To Sum Up…

Complete Home Automation is an absolute advantage whichever way you look at it. It gives extraordinary expediency to you and it expertly address the special needs of your handicapped family members whenever they need it.