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The Top Trends In Office Automation For 2018

Change is inevitable. And as our technology evolves into even greater heights it has also influenced a positive change in our workplace. The typical setting of a normal office no longer applies because smart automation is slowly changing the office management scheme to achieve fluidity.

The Top Trends In Office Automation For 2018

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So if your business is about to embrace technological transformation and introduce a culture of maximum productivity or has already applied automation to increase efficiency while reducing human effort and is interested to learn more, then we recommend that you continue reading this entry as we are going to discuss some of the exciting top trends in office automation to look forward this 2018.

Automation Of Office Tasks

With more and more business warming up to office automation, the unification of task procedures is becoming possible. After switching, everyday tasks can now be done more efficiently such as automatic back-up of office data, automatic reception to properly welcome visitors, installation of automatic accounting tools to track all financial transactions proficiently, implementation of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to effectively monitor all client interaction, and social media engagement to create online existence and reach out to potential customers in a capable way.

Aside from this, the cost of operation is also reduced in half and it also saves time after automation. So if you’re company has the habit of spending time and money for repetitive tasks with low-value returns, then we think that you need to seriously consider automation asap.

Automation Of Office Tasks

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Incorporation Of An Office Management Software

This work wonders in many ways from front end service to back-end operations as you can now customize and manage front end services and back end operations in such a way that is beneficial to your company. This office automation software allows your office to tap into social media, accounting, and human resource whenever needed to ensure that everything is working according to your business strategy.

Incorporation Of An Office Management Software

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Expect more and more offices to implement this system in 2018 to achieve progress.

Mobile Workforce

Office automation gives a margin of flexibility for workers to work productively at their own time and place. And after automating your office operations, employees can now work remotely. This is a definite plus to the company in many ways since:

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    Regular company employees who are allowed to work at home are 10 times more efficient according to studies.
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    Flexible work schedule prevents tardiness resulting to delays.
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    It also saves employees from work-related stress which is commonly experienced inside the office (a common factor in reducing work productivity).
Office Automation Allows Employees To Work Productively Without Having To Be In The Office For Most Of The Time...

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And these are just some of the many benefits your company can get once you switch into an automation technology that uses the best gadgets, collaborative software, and is compatible to any mobile device.

Execution Of Activity Based Working

Activity based working is a concept wherein no employee is assigned to a designated workstation. Instead, the workstation is converted into an activity area to promote an environment of learning, collaboration, focus, and socialization as they complete different office tasks. As a result, every member of your workforce is efficient.

Activity Based Working...

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The idea of activity based working is great when combined with office automation. When workers are with the latest technology, they become motivated and all the more productive in doing tasks which are normally limited by manual operation. And in the process you also increase worker satisfaction.

Intelligent Lighting

As the name suggest, it is the implementation of smart lighting system after office automation. Although often neglected, intelligent lighting can actually cut the energy consumption by 59%. This is achieved by integrating connected sensors for lighting control to properly allocate the use of lights and avoid leaving the lights on in unoccupied rooms.

Intelligent Lighting

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Aside from this, it also ensures that office rooms are properly lit and avoid eye stress which might hinder the productivity of workers in performing their job efficiently.

Final Word

Are you ready to embrace the change and get all the benefits of office automation? If so, then check what AV Solutions Pro Inc. has to offer to make your business grow.