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The Best Gadgets For Home Automation Systems

The main objective of smart home integration is to provide access to home facilities at any time of the day and make your life easier. And the most accurate way of achieving this concept is to take control of the home facilities that you usually get in touch with everyday.

But since most people are still not familiar with the process of inter-connected automation, choosing the areas, appliances, and/or devices to incorporate in the system can be a bit of a challenge. And if this is not done correctly, it will only lead to countless frustrations as it will not result to the kind of convenience that consumers have imagined…

The Best Gadgets For Home Automation Systems

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So if you are struggling to decide which devices to use as the home automation company is about to undertake the integration process, or just looking for ways to make you smart home a lot “smarter”, then we suggest you go on reading as we are going to tackle the best gadgets for home automation systems in this entry.

Smart Home Hub

This is one of the most important (if not, the most important) devices for all home automation systems as it is responsible for controlling all the smart home gadgets that’s being integrated into your system. And ideal smart home hub should allow any user to take control of the gadgets effortlessly. Hence, it should be unfussy and user-friendly despite its imperfections.

Crestron Smart Control App

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One of the best control hubs for smart homes is the Control App from Crestron which lets you take charge of your home using your smart phone. This is the most practical solution that we can recommend since you can take control of your home at any time of the time even when you’re far away (as long as there is internet connection).

Smart Lighting

Another essential facet of a great home is the lighting. According to research, proper lighting does have a significant effect to our physical an emotional health. Therefore, we should be able to take control of this aspect and adjust the illumination accordingly to avoid stressing our eyes. Furthermore, another reason why smart lighting is being incorporated into home automation systems is that it gives the user the ability to monitor the light usage to save electricity.

The Wireless Tabletop Keypad with infiNET EX (HTT-B10EX) from Crestron is a great option to consider for smart lighting since it allows every room in the house to have the best lights possible at any given time.

Crestron Wireless Tabletop Keypad with infiNET EX

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Smart Lock

The main door is the focal point of entry. Therefore, we should be able to manage this area of the house as efficiently as possible. An ideal smart lock for home automation systems should be less conspicuous, less complicated, and at the same time something that can be accessed remotely. Moreover, it’s should be manufactured by one of the trusted brands in the industry.

Baldwin Boulder Wireless Deadbolt with infiNET EX

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The Baldwin Boulder Wireless Deadbolt with infiNET EX tech.(CLK-BD-8252-AC5) is the best solution that we can recommend. This gadget comes with a single-cylinder deadbolt and a pushbutton keypad which can be opened by using 4-8 digit PIN code. And the best part about this is it can also be remotely locked/unlocked as this gadget is also compatible with Crestron’s control system via infiNET EX.

Smart Airconditioner

Another aspect of a livable home is airconditioning. A suitable heating/cooling device for homes should not only be effective in providing comfort cooling but also energy efficient and internet capable at the same time.

Panasonic TZ/TE Compact Style Airconditioner

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The TZ/TE Compact Style Airconditioner from Panasonic is the best choice for home automation systems smart airconditioning as it produces bigger air volume despite its compact design and can be managed wherever you are through its internet ready applications.

Smart Security

And lastly, a smart home would never be complete without a reliable security system. Without a doubt, the best smart security to be integrated in home automation systems should be able to provide maximum coverage and monitoring of all areas at home on both indoors and outdoors. Aside from that, it must include a capable alarm system that alerts you on any risks that might threaten the safety of your family.

Panasonic Home Monitoring Twin Camera Kit

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The Home Monitoring Twin Camera Kit KX-HN6031EW from Panasonic is our recommended choice for this matter. This kit comes with  DECT-Enabled hub, indoor and outdoor cameras, motion sensor plus 2 other sensors which can be installed in doors and windows, and a smart plug. Hence, this gadget is ever reliable in protecting your property 24/7.