Boardroom Automation

AV Automation

Can’t see the presentation because there’s a glare from the window? No need to interrupt your presentation to find the wall switch to lower the curtains or blinds, they are all controlled automatically from the touchpanel.

This will not only save you time from dealing with common delays that might interrupt to flow of the presentation, but will also allow everyone to be more focused with the agenda being discussed.

Lighting Automation

Set dynamic lighting scenes automatically in your boardroom or throughout a facility using our boardroom automation solutions. One simple button press can accent architectural features, create helpful task lighting and enhance videoconferencing and projector displays.

With this system, you’ll be able to create a favorable environment that is appropriate to the event being held and promote efficiency at the same time.

Environment Control

Temperature settings can be automatically adjusted based on time of day or room usage using automation control & intuitive interfaces such as keypads & wireless remotes. This will ensure that you workplace is always comfortable & energy efficient.

Not only will you be able to take control of this aspect anywhere in the office, but you can also preset the temperature even before the meeting starts, allowing you to avoid the hassle of waiting for the right temperature to set in while the meeting is taking place.