Home Automation System For Your Convenience

Our home is our abode. It is where we reside to rest, relax, and spend quality time with our loved ones. And nothing can be more convenient than by installing the best automation system to truly enjoy the joys and comfort of home.

Converting your house into a “Smart Home” is actually a practical thing to do as it opens up better opportunities to make your life better. The technology is so efficient because it interconnects homes, offices, condo units, and other residential areas and link them in common control system that can be operated remotely via tablets and/or mobile phones.

What Are The Areas I Can Control After Installing A Smart Home Automation System At Home?

Smart home automation is convenient way to control and monitor devices and appliances at home. You can virtually control anything depending on the type of custom automation you want to have like:

  • Gate control
  • Door control (lock/unlock)
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Indoor climate control
  • Home theatre system
  • Window blinds
  • Audio and video for different rooms
  • Swimming pools (if any)

And not only that, a home automation system will also allow you to manage these details for safety and security:

  • Security control
  • Alarm systems
  • Disaster monitoring for cases of fire, water leakage, and other types of accidents

How Can I Take Control Using My Home Automation System?

After installing the automation system at home, you can now take full charge of different areas using the following devices:

  • Touch screen panels mounted on a wall – Touch panels are used to provide a wide range of control from adjusting the thermostat settings to streaming audio devices. These displays allow you to configure every aspect of your home automation system and create an appealing visual for system control.
  • Smart remote control – It works like a typical TV remote control. Handheld remotes are a common devices found inside a house. Whether it’s a standard universal remote to control multiple devices or a touch screen pad that allows you to see who’s knocking at your front door, these devices are designed to enhance the overall convenience that you deserve to experience.
  • Mobile phones and tablet (for ease of control outside your house)

How It Works

A home automation system is customized according to your needs by means of a predetermined script. Your personal preferences allow us to convert buttons on keypads and remotes to programmed “scenes”. This can be as simple as “entertainment lighting” which dims a light of a particular area to create ambiance and even to configure your home theatre so that you can lower the shades, dim the light, and or turn on the audio and video sources any time you like.

Another way of home automation is by means of sensors and programming. With this technology, your electronic devices can be tailored to provide preset behaviors to enhance your lifestyle and needs. Programming can come in many forms: automatically rise and lower shades according to a specified date and time; activating outdoor lighting during sunset and set an automatic shut off as the sun rises; and manage the HVAC system remotely so the temperature is perfectly set before you go home.

Lastly, this same system will also allow you to monitor the security of your home. Alarms are preset to trigger if intruders are going to barge in and will also indicate if there are certain things you need to address immediately like fire, electrical malfunction, and any situations that require immediate attention.

What We Offer

AV Solutions Pro Inc offers smart home automation systems in Toronto and GTA areas that brings ultimate features in your lighting, temperature, shades, gate entrance devices, audio/video systems, and security altogether. A home automation system allows us to program how your home should adjust to your needs. And by using your iPad and iPhone you can control all aspects of your house wherever you may go.

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