Health Benefits Of Home Automation Smart Lighting (Part 2)

Hi readers! In our last entry we shared to you some of the uncommon benefits of smart lighting that you’ll instantly received after installing a smart home system. Did you find that article interesting?

And it actually gets even better as there are actually other benefits that you get can from what we have previously mentioned. So allow us to give to you the concluding portion of this topic as we are going to reveal some more health benefits of home automation smart lighting in today’s article…

Lessens Eye Fatigue Through Selective Lighting

Most of us may not be aware of this, but light is a crucial part of our vision. It’s because of light that we are able to see the things around us. And this same element can also make or break our vision if we are exposed to wrong lighting conditions for long periods of time (blurry vision, color blindness).

Bright lights causes eye strain which often lead to chronic headaches. In the same manner, dimmed lights can also affect our vision negatively especially if they are installed in areas where we are mostly using our ability to focus such as reading books in the study area, tinkering on small things at the garage, and etc.

Lessens Eye Fatigue Through Selective Lighting

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This is where you find the usefulness of smart lighting because once you include this feature in your home automation system you can immediately install task lighting on areas where you usually do focus vision like in the kitchen for slicing and preparing meals, at the home office area where you usually face the laptop or PC do work-related stuff, at the living room where much of the movie-watching takes place, and any other areas where optical focus is required.

In addition to this, the same system allows you to customize the lighting conditions according to the activity you are about to do even before you get home and saving yourself of going through headaches and stress that you once experience because of eye fatigue.

Decorating Your Home Using Smart Lighting

Another awesome advantage of home automation is the ability to decorate your home through smart lighting. With this system at your disposal you can now take charge of the situation and set the tone and mood of the event you are going to celebrate.

Smart Lighting Allows You To Change The Lighting Scenes To Fit Any Occasion You Are Going To Celebrate...

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Whether you are going to host a simple dinner with friends or hold a Halloween party in your living room area, you can now set the ambience of the area with a simple swipe.

Now you may be wondering why we consider this as a “health benefit”, but if you try to see the bigger picture here you will actually realize that this will save you from all the anxiety and stress due to the preparations you have to deal just by decorating your home according to the occasion. Make sense doesn’t it?

Helps Prevent Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a psychological condition wherein a person feels emotionally stable for the rest of the year but is suddenly expressing depressing  symptoms during summer or winter (mostly during winter months).

As a result, people who experience this tend to lack energy, have heightened anxiety, or may feel depressed for most of the time. Moreover, other symptoms associated to this disorder are the inability to sleep well (may lack or oversleep depending on the season), loss of appetite, and harboring of negative emotions.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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Smart lighting is a practical solution in dealing with this condition since the treatment has something to do with being exposed to the right kind of light which can change the chemicals in the brain to alter your mood. So instead of undergoing light therapy every morning, all you need to do is to use your home automation system to set the right kind of lighting beforehand to help create a happy vibe and turn all the blues away.

Now you can preset the lights accordingly and maintain the happy disposition at any time of the day regardless the kind of season you are in…

Final Word

Which of the health benefits of home automation smart lighting surprised you the most? Are you ready to embrace that change and experience all these benefits now? Then contact AV Solutions Pro Inc. today for more information.